Friday, July 12, 2013


When I began this particular blog I thought that it may become focused on the adventures of one particular bike.  Of course that could never be the case as I’m just not a one bike kind of person.  In fact, there is a formula that is widely applied throughout the bike world by which you can calculate the number of bikes that you need.  It is a simple calculation of n +1, with n being the number of bikes that you already have.  The same formula could also be applied to art collecting. 

The affliction of bicycle collection or accumulation can become even more serious when you start to give old bikes that are otherwise discarded a new lease on life. Old bikes tend to appear magically in the street, people who know that you collect bikes start to deliver them to your door and pretty soon you have quite a pile of raw materials from which to create. In this case, the practice of tall bike building could have that contemporary catch phrase, ‘upcycling’, applied.  The term then becomes nicely stacked with extra analogy.

There is an element of this project that I have decided to develop a little further, and whilst I’m not quite ready to reveal it in it’s entirety, I can say that I have decided that the project will require a specific new tall machine.  So, here’s a snap of this latest lanky creation currently in the stage of being rigorously test ridden before receiving a little more finite finishing.


  1. Single speed flat bar road tall in high vis yellow. Would make for an ultra stable safety plus commuter! Are they V8s on there?

    Certainly digging the curvature on the cross stays through the BB ======== DF

  2. Cheers! No V8's here, though I had to restrain from adding a lovely pair of flouro yellow V8's that I have kicking around