Sunday, August 4, 2013


After last week’s post regarding the idea of regular public performance as a simple gift from individuals to society, a friend of mine brought to my attention the Legend of Zyzz.  Whilst not quite the same thing as I originally proposed as a Performance Lifestyle, Zyss is only a small step away, though in which direction I am as yet unsure.  Zyzz fits perfectly as a point of discussion in this broader project presenting fertile dialogue in relation to ideas of self-portraits constructed in the context of social media.

Zyzz is a contemporary manifestation of the classical Greek myth of Narcissus, a beautiful young man who falls in love with his own reflection, only to be trapped by it, bringing him to his death. Where this story moves beyond the often simple concept of narcissism is in Zyzz’s following.  His presence on the internet is wide ranging and it is stated that his legacy is inspiration to a generation of young people aspiring to reach the peak of their fitness, physicality and appearance.  His motivational videos have influenced thousands of people across Australia and the world, resulting in a generational shift that is quickly apparent at any dance music festival or metropolitan night out on the town.  One of the videos that I am presenting below has had more that 5 million hits and whilst it goes without saying that the content is compelling and astonishing I ponder on  the viewers of this work and each of their motivations.

Best viewed in the order they are shown, the first video shows my favourite part of Zyzz, his dancing, and the second is a bit of an extended remix which builds out more of his character.  Until next time – train with passion, rage and heart.

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