Friday, February 6, 2015


Making a good jig to hold things in place whilst they are tacked together or generally worked on is always a satisfying thing.  Here are a few process shots of some of the steps for making the recycled bicycle frame stools that needed jig action.

 Step 1 involves holding the rim in a centred position with a suitable frame that can have other bits clamped to and around it.

Step 2 requires holding tabs in place, butted against the rim whilst being able to rotate the whole assembly and make some discreet tack welds.

A couple of steps on and it needed a bunch more clamping, positioning and manouvring potential.
A couple of other jigs for this project included a kind of resting jig that holds the finally assembled parts in place an allows access for welding inside.  I also finally got around to making a simple circle cutting jig for my router - pretty much shed techniques 101 - but I haven't done it before.

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