Sunday, May 19, 2013


One of the obvious elements of tall bike riding is that you are high up - you can see over things.  Many tall lefties will argue that this is an advantage in traffic where the rider can see over cars, allowing them to continue their righteous forward cycling movement unhindered.  This may be somewhat true but what they are not telling you is the other stuff they can see over – like fences.  This experience is clear to me and it got me thinking about privacy, voyeurism and things like Google Earth and Google Street View.  These things are changing the way we consider our privacy.  It may seem trivial but I’m sure we have all done that thing where we try and view someone’s house via satellite, be it our own or someone else’s.  We are all inherently aware of Google Street View and have played with it in some way or other.  There are artists who have approached this idea in various ways.   I would note my favorites as Jon Rafman’s 9 eyes project in which he trawls through Google Street View pictures looking for personal and aesthetic anomalies.  Melanie Coles’ Where On Earth is Waldo? is a lighthearted approach to the same conversation. 

In my case, I have decided to make a DIY Google Street View.  I have made an arm that fixes to my handlebars with a camera at more or less eye height, recording what I see whilst riding my tall bike.  With this in mind I have set out to extend my portrait project by making a portrait of my suburb, using my DIY Google Street View. 

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