Friday, May 3, 2013


So, here we go, the moment of truth.  The bike is fully loaded ready for my overnight adventure out to Cudllee Creek.  I have a route planned that will take me along various back roads, fire roads and bits and pieces of the Heysen trail.  There is one unavoidable evil today - NORTON SUMMIT RD - I'm feeling fit - but this one will be the biggest challenge.  Fast guys smash it in about 12mins - I'm budgeting a little more than that!

As far as ongoing quest elements today, I expect to encounter a bunch of road bike riders, mountain bike riders and people who don't even care about bikes (or art).  The mission is to have some kind of freaky connection with them all and remind them that it really is possible to approach things differently to the norm.  Regarding portraiture, this weekend's adventure will become more of an understanding of place via landscape.  I will certainly be getting to know the intimate details of the lumps and bumps of the face of the Adelaide Hills.

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